Smart Hero 80% BETA Ready and we are pushing more to ensure we can serve the BETA phase

We have been working tirelessly to push the BETA build of Smart Hero completed for our BETA program. We have completed the main game mechanics which includes the interactive learning video session, question and answer, platforming game mechanics and the NFT capability. Although we still need more time we are happy to provide an update that Smart hero is 80% BETA ready.

Smart Hero BETA Build Completion

We started the development of Smart Hero since 2021 of December. The game has different scene and stages, along side with it is the curriculumn for kids ages 8 and up.

Comic base Educational Video Game

The theme of our edu-game is superhero so it is pretty obvious that we have to base our game in a comic book. We exerted our best to mimic the feel of our UI as a comic book, from title, fonts, sections, icons to special promo icons, we ensure that players will have the feel of reading a comic book while it will be interactive.

As you can see we did not fully base our aestethics to a comic book drawing style, this is to ensure that we can accomodate the cartoonish feature and be more appealing to our age demography of kids 8 to 10 years old.

For our beta program, we have one base character and 2 long range weapons, we are currently adding 2 new super power and currently composing its animation.


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