ADDING VALUES to your Kids Learning & Your SAVINGS

Penzil Inc. is an innovative startup company
focused on revolutionizing the educational
gaming industry by providing high-quality
learning gaming platform. Our mission is
to create engaging and interactive
experiences that empower children to learn
while having fun.

Educational Journey

Continuous Education

Penzil understands that education is a continuous journey, so we made a metaverse that is designed to bring our educational tools to the student’s growth, ensuring the continuous support on their academic engagement.

Educational Metaverse

Metaverse for kids

Penzil designed an online metaverse that are solely dedicated for children’s journey in their academical skills. Every single game is carefully formulated to accommodate appropriate curriculum, basing not only on child’s age but also base on their intellectual skills and abilities.


We believe that friendly competition provide huge contribution in encouraging children to evolve their academic skills.

Reusable Items

We aim to provide continuous learning, using blockchain technology, in-game items can be reused in our other games so that kids will not go back from start when they transfer from one game to another


With the help of blockchain technology, the ability of exchanging of items is enabled, adding more value on the in-game items

Adaptive Learning

Children has their own phase in their learning journey, our platform provides an adaptive learning that will adjust according to the kids learning curve phase


The world evolves continuously and so is knowledge. That is why we in Penzil believes that kids around the world needs to have a continuous education.

We designed a meta verse of educational tools that will let children enhance their academic knowledge from kindergarten level and will have the ability to transfer to higher tier games once they grow to primary and move to secondary level.

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Let your kids
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