We got invited and presented in GDBAY Games Pitch Blockchain edition, and we have learned a lot

Last June 30 2022, we are one of the game developers who were lucky to be chosen and do a global pitch with GDBAY event blockchain pitch event. We show case our game Smart Job and provide a higlevel overview on our company’s vision, mission and roadmap

An opportunity that we cannot miss

GBDAY Global Games Pitch is a highly anticipated events wherein GDBAY team will choose amongs all who submited their game to do a pitch presenation to multiple investors and publishers. So when the time that we got selected and invited, we did not hesitate and immediately accept the invite.

Failure is an Unforgettable experience

This is our first time showcasing our game and this is the first time that we will pitch to publishers and investors. We all worked together over night to ensure that our presentation deck will have all essential details not only about our game but also in our company roadmap, since we will be talking to investors we need to show the returns potential not only in our game but also in our company.

It was overwhelming but we nailed the presentation, the gameplay was explained thoroughly as well as the benefits of our blockchain game. We have also presentated our roadmap tht showcase how huge the potential of oour company. However, it was very unfortuante that we have received less interest and opposite feedback.


This experienced made us stronger than before, we now know what are pitfalls and what are the missing part not only in our presenation but as well as in our edu-verse, this might be our first time pitching it but for sure this will not be the last.

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