Smart Jobs, our career simulator game is BETA Ready, playable build is released to BETA Users

We are happy to announce that we have compelted the BETA build of Smart Jobs, this will provide one single math course for kids 4 to 6 years old. The game has career simulator of a doctor day to day tasks and a life simulation tasks.

A career simulator for kids to learn and have a glimpse of their chosen career

For the past few years we have been created a game that will let kids experience the basic routine of a professional in different industries. This game is highly inspired by the famous game Sims, we use its game play as life simulator and extend the simulation on each task on different profession.

Smart Job profession is limited but BETA Ready

We wanted to ensure that our game can be release to BETA participants even if we only incorporate limited profession, this is to ensure that we can get essential feedbacks from our beta users and ensure that those suggestions/feedbacks will be implemented to other careers.

For our BETA phase we will use doctor as the available profession. This will let children experience the basic routine of a doctor, providing professional consultation on their clinics, assisting with emergencies in ER, visitng their patients in the ward and doing surgeries. We have also include an interactive tutorials on how kids can use their academic skills to gain more coins that they will use to upgrade items and unlock mini games.


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